SKS Gatling gun

by Miles

There are odd guns out there, and then there is this. A listing on Gunbroker that just ended consisted of six SKS rifles with 75 round drums arranged in some sort of odd Gatling mechanism. The listing was started at $3,500 and I don’t think anyone bid on it at all (it was viewed 341 times). Either way, this tops some of the oddest combinations of machines and firearms I’ve seen. From the auction description-

SKS gatling Gun,shoot one gun at a time, with mechanism it spins as fast as you want.Comes with 3- Yugos[butstocks included]3 -chinese [buttstocks included],6- 75rd drums,12-30rd gun to shoot.This will require 6 guns shipped to your FFL


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  • Ayur Sandanov Ayur Sandanov on Oct 27, 2015

    The most amazing thing in this post are comments of people who mock the author of this gun for his non-expensive apartment that wasn't renovated recently. What. The. F. Is it really so important to Americans? Is anyone who's not living in a freshly renovated, separate house (bought and renovated on borrowed money from the bank, of course!) a hobo?

    (EDIT: please don't be offended, it's not a bash on US, just an weird observation. I would think a person who makes SKS gatling guns for fun and allows them in his or her kitchen doesn't place much weight in high-tech minimalist interior design or marble countertops)

  • Rock Island Auction Rock Island Auction on Oct 27, 2015

    Not THAT crazy. We sold one just this past February for $3,450 (see link). Though this one's drum mags should allow for some extra fun.