L3 IBRS (Integrated Ballistic Reticle System) Fire Control System

    L-3 had their IBRS (Integrated Ballistic Reticle System) fire control system on display at AUSA 2015. The IBRS is a scope with built in fire control computer and is designed to allow for consistent, accurate and fast sniping at long distances both at day and at night.


    The IBRS integrates a variable power day optic (X4 to X22), LRF, projected reticle display, ballistic computer,digital compass, meteorological sensors and incline and cant sensors. It has a 2 km range (2187 yards). It has six hour battery life (full on mode) and 101 hours of standby battery life.

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    Night vision is achieved with L-3 IBRS is compatible with clip-on night vision devices. It supports a wide range of weapons up to .50 caliber. Up to 30 ballistic profiles for weapon/ammunition combinations can be stored in each unit,

    Not stated in the official L-3 literature is that one advantage of a system like this is that it allows indivi
    duals with lower levels of training to shoot with much higher speed and proficiency than their training would otherwise allow with a conventional scope, offsetting the cost of the unit with savings in training.

    Thanks to Lionel for the photos and information.

    Steve Johnson

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