3D Printed Portable Rail Gun

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

Here is an interesting project. A portable rail gun that was mostly 3D printed.

Below is the CAD drawing. Everything in gray was 3D printed.

The blue capacitors combined weight is 20 lbs. It looks like a Neill Blomkamp weapon from District 9.

Here are the projectiles. The railgun is capable of firing copper plated tungsten, aluminum, carbon and teflon/plasma. Here we have copper plated tungsten armatures.

You can check out a breakdown of the build here.

Thanks to Bryan S. for the hat tip.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • Sianmink Sianmink on Oct 26, 2015

    He looks like a 6" action figure holding a gun designed for a 9" figure. What's up with the huge grip and excessive length of pull?

  • Vetww2 Vetww2 on Nov 06, 2015

    The "RAIL GUN" is a linear motor, just like the successful electric aircraft catapult, developed by the Navy at Lakehurst, N.J.and the Mag Lev trains. OOOOOLD principle, even used in elevator design and space launch. Gun application was rejected in 1975 by NAVSEA, R&D,after a careful, impartial study. I've seen the reasons posted before in this line. This study also recommended the A/C catapult development..