POTD: Police Motorcycle Trunk Gun

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

This photo is taken by the legendary SMGLEE. It is of a motorcycle unit for Brea Police Department in Southern California. The motorcycle has an H&K G36K mounted to the rear of the BMW police motorcycle. Does it still count as a trunk gun if it is outside the trunk?

Here is a better picture of the motorcycle and the G36K

From this angle, you can see the weapon mount is locked by a key.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • MontieR MontieR on Oct 27, 2015

    A bemer and a G36, two of THE most expensive pieces of equipment ANY PD could procure. Between the east coast and the left coast insanity reins supreme. Paid for with FEDERAL grants ie TAXES. Thats right YOUR tax money.

  • M4 Carbine M4 Carbine on Oct 27, 2015

    So THAT'S what they mean by 'guns on the street'..