What Could Have Been: Tank-Killing Ma-Deuce from the 1930’s

    While today ceramic, composite, and multi-layer armor has made most of the small to medium-arms obsolete for engaging tanks, in the early 1930s the beloved Browning M2 was being set up as a tank-killing rifle. Equipped with a Prismatic sight, the shoulder-fired (albeit ground supported) fifty-cal was the ideal long-range tank-busting weapon.


    Modifications included adjustable bipod, charging handle, sight, stock, and rear monopod. The stock was set up with a purposeful gap to allow implementation of the standard recoil buffer.

    Note that the gap between the rear of the receiver and the shoulder pad is necessary to allow space for the gun’s standard recoil buffer. Since the shoulder support does not move relative to the gun, the optic will not hit the shooter in this version either.

    Full the full story hosted at Popular Mechanics by none other than Forgotten Weapon’s Ian MCCollum, hit the link here. 

    Nathan S

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