POTD: Not a “Semi-auto Bolt Action”

    A reader sent in this photo that me laugh. It is a toy gun named the “270” which is described as a “semi-auto bolt action”. Not only is the description wildly inaccurate but they appear to be imitating the Browning green/gold colors and logo as close as possible without actually being infringing on their trademark.

    I am not sure where the photo was taken, but I am going to guess it was a Bass Pro, where it has attracted a lot of hate from unhappy online customers …


    ” Bought this for my grandson for Christmas and it broke in less than two minutes. The bolt assembly completely falls apart. We fixed it twice than finally glued it together. The plastic bullets don’t really eject, they just jam inside the gun. This is going back. ”

    ” Wish I’d read the reviews As soon as we pulled back bolt first time, the bullet jammed in the barrell and the entire plastic bolt mechanism fell apart. For $35, I expect a heck of a lot better quality. It’s going back tomorrow. ”

    ” Complete junk. The bolt broke the first time my boy tried it on Xmas morning. Don’t waste your money on this over priced garbage. “

    All I can say is what did you expect from a “Semi-auto Bolt Action” toy?