Integral 10/22 Suppressor System from Radical Firearms

    radical firearms suppressor

    Radical Firearms is getting ready to sell an integral sound suppression system for the Ruger 10/22 rifle platform. The new system will feature a 4140 steel barrel and baffel with a 6160-T6 aluminum barrel shroud.

    The barrel will have a 16″ length. With the shroud, the overall diameter will be .936″ barrel. The system will weigh 20.8 oz.

    The barrel/suppressor system will be user serviceable and backed by a limited lifetime warranty. The unit will have a Cerakote finish.

    In addition to the 10/22 system, the company is expected to introduce several new screw-on suppressors ┬áthis year. These will include .22 LR and a 7.62 suppressors to go with the company’s current 5.56 suppressor.

    Richard Johnson

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