Pumpkin Carving With Guns 101 With Hickok45 (Now It's Your Turn!)

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by TFB Staffer

It’s almost that time of year when going door to door looking for sugar-laden handouts is not only acceptable, but encouraged – yes, it’s nearly Halloween. With the 31st drawing closer decorations come out, giant inflatable ghosts appear on front lawns, and pumpkins appear sporting every design known to man. Those of us who are firearms aficionados sometimes take to carving pumpkins our own way – and yes I mean by blasting holes in its with a gun.

Hickok45 decided to change things up a bit this year by posting a YouTube video featuring his personal Pumpkin Carving 101 where his weapon of choice is a Henry rifle. The first Henry rifle was designed back in the 1850s, and no sooner was it patented in the 1860s than it began seeing use in the Civil War. Today it remains a popular long gun, especially among fans of historically significant firearms, although it does have one rather significant difference now: the original was chambered in .44 rimfire and today’s Henry rifle comes in .44-40.

Maybe it’s time we started a new tradition here at The Firearm Blog: firearm pumpkin carving. I propose you all go out, pick up the biggest, coolest pumpkin you can find, and select your favorite or most unique gun to carve it with. Of course, the rule of “pictures or it didn’t happen” applies, so, take some pictures – or videos – and post them in the comments below. Get to it, guys, it’s a new TFB Halloween tradition!

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