Liberty Ammunition Selling .224 Silverado Bullets

    Liberty Ammunition bullets

    Liberty Ammunition is now selling the .224 caliber bullets it uses in the company’s Silverado line of .223 Rem ammunition.

    The .224 caliber bullets are monolithic copper hollow points that weigh 55 grains. Due to the density of copper, these bullets are longer than a typical copper jacketed lead 55 grain bullet. Liberty Ammunition suggests that rifles with a barrel twist rate of 1:9″ or faster be used when shooting rounds loaded with these bullets.

    The copper bullet has a nickel plating to increase lubricity and reduce copper fouling. Bullets have a sectional density of 0.157 and a ballistic coefficient of 0.195. The suggested retail price of these bullets is $29.99 for a bag of 50.

    Richard Johnson

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