Kryptek LCP Pistols

Richard Johnson
by Richard Johnson
Ruger LCP in Kryptek

Ruger is making limited edition LCP handguns with Kryptek finishes for firearms distributor Davidson’s. The pistols are available with frames that have Kryptek Neptune and Kryptek Pontus finishes. On both pistols, the slides are matte blue. Both pistols carry a suggested retail price of $432.

Functionally, these handguns are the same as the standard LCP. They are chambered in .380 ACP and hold 6+1 rounds of ammunition. The unloaded weight is 9.4 ounces and they are less than 5.5″ long. Both guns ship with a soft side, zippered case and a single magazine.

Ruger LCP in Kryptek

Ruger and Davidson’s frequently collaborate on special edition firearms. Others can be found by clicking here.

Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson

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