Kahr Pistols with Cerakote Tungsten Finish

Richard Johnson
by Richard Johnson
Kahr CW380 Tungsten

Kahr Arms announced the company was now making the CT380 and CW380 pistols with a Cerakote Tungsten finish. The Cerakote Tungsten has a dark gray color, but does not offer any performance enhancements beyond a typical Cerakote finish.

The new gun variants are said to be produced in limited quantities. Both guns ship with an extra magazine and come in a lightweight polymer case. Excepting the new finish, the guns are identical to standard CT380 and CW380 pistols. James Reeves reviewed the CW380 handgun here.

According to Kahr Arms, the suggested retail price for the Cerakote Tungsten pistols is the same as the standard finish versions of the guns.

Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson

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  • Edeco Edeco on Oct 19, 2015

    My craving for Kahrs has been cooling. The Gen 2's are all polymer, apparently, so far, which doesn't go with the price and long barrels, to me. Also too sentimental looking with the beveled dust cover and compensator-barrel. Glocking up the trigger lowers their prestige in my eyes.

  • J.E.Walker J.E.Walker on Oct 19, 2015

    Love the Kahrs... but I have no use for paint. Sorry!