Why Hunting With Suppressors Is Great

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Top New Zealand blogger Cam Slater sent us this video of his teenage daughter hunting Sika deer. In the video she is armed with a Tikka M88, rechambered in .260 Remington, and shoots at a Sika hind 300 yards away. You can hear the muffled shot, then silence, followed by the thud as the bullet hit the target.

Cam said “On this trip i nailed two Sika inside 15 seconds with my suppressed .308. The second one just stood there wondering what had happened. Both were at 350 yards”.

The downside of hunting with suppressors is having to carry the weight of suppressors, but today suppressor construction and alloys are a lot lighter than they used to be.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Adam Adam on Oct 20, 2015

    If NZ didnt have those sucky Cant build withing 30 meters of a river or 25 meters from a main road rules, Id have bought on the Clutha and moved there a decade ago... Walk in , Walk out with your favorite suppressor, Heck, Gun City sells most rifle packages with a suppressor fitted... And a few police ive talked too there actually like you too shoot suppressed so they dont get noise complaints... And NZ is 50 BMG friendly, And that suits me too a t......

  • One_Jackal One_Jackal on Oct 20, 2015

    Not really impressed with the use of suppressors for hunting. Hearing loss is cumulative. Unless you are a cull hunter for the federal government you are not going to fire enough shots without hearing protection to cause hearing loss. My audiologist is not concerned with hunting, even after I mentioned how many rounds I fire when dove hunting. She is more concerned about using a chainsaw without hearing protection. I suffer from tinnitus after years of construction and farming.

    Game animals are generally not gun shy. I have lost count of the deer that just stood there after downing one of their buddies with a 12ga slug. I have even seen deer sneaking behind the berms at an active rifle range. People who come from areas with more species of game than just whitetail deer report similar behavior with many species of game animals.