FN Herstal Belgian Police FNS-9

    While I was visiting the FNH USA ProShop, Store Manager Roger Schmidt said “I have something that may interest you.” He went to his office and came back out with an FNS-9. At first glance It seemed like any regular FNS-9. Then he pointed out the engraving on the slide.

    Below is a photo of my new FNS-9 and my Gunkoted FNX-9.



    Normal FNS and FNX pistols are stamped “MADE IN USA  FNH USA Fredericksburg VA”. But this FNS-9 is different. It is stamped “FN Herstal Belgium” and “Manufactured by FNM LLC, Columbia, SC”.




    The Belgian FNS-9 has an asterix stamp by the serial number. This is done to distinguish SAU guns. SAU stands for “Sold As Used”. Even though these guns were never used, it is not sold as a normal gun.



    Roger told me that fewer than 100 of these were made. Some with luminescent sights, which were sold out, and pistols with white dot sights. These were made for some Belgian Police force. The over run of pistols were sold only to employees of FNH. At his discretion he can sell some to the public. I was one of the lucky individuals to be able to buy one. The price and somewhat rarity was too good to pass up. I bought it for $339.

    The pistol case is different as well.  There are no USA markings anywhere on the case. They also changed the the mold of the top insert. Rather than have a slot for a FNH USA Gun Lock, there is a cleaning kit. The Belgian FNS-9 also only comes with one extra backstrap compared to the 4 extra backstraps that come with the FNX-9

    IMG_6679 IMG_6680 IMG_6681  IMG_6682



    The FN Herstal FNS-9 box also does not have a UPC like the FNX does.


    Included in the case was a small envelope with some numbers written on the front and a small brass pellet inside the envelope.

    According to Roger, the R stands for Runout which is firing pin centrality. I stands for indent of the firing pin. T stands for trigger pull.



    The brass pellet is similar to the used casing you find in most new firearms in the US. However rather than a spent casing, they include this brass pellet with the indentation mark of the firing pin.DSC_0288


    A huge thanks to Roger Schmidt for letting me have one of these rare Columbia, SC made FNS-9 pistols.

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