Big 3 East: Glock Showed Up

    While Glock did not have anything new to unveil at the Big 3 East, something remarkable should be noted. They showed up. For those not familiar with the Big 3 East, it is an invitation only media event that gets manufacturers and prominent media icons together. It is like a mini SHOT SHOW but without the commercialism. I have only been to one previous Big 3 East which was last March. The companies that were here were small businesses and many of them I have never heard of before. This time we had big companies among the small guys. The fact that Glock sent people down for this small but invaluable event is amazing for gun writers.

    Why is this small gesture so amazing? Because it has never happened before and they did not need to attend. Glock is not the most friendly or approachable company out there for many. Yet, Glock sent these three guys to fix that problem. Glock wanted to reach out to the media and mend connections. During the classroom presentation they stood there taking in all our feedback. Most of that feedback was negative comments about the company and issues in the past. However they took it all in and politely replied. Kudos to them for taking it in stride. Hopefully this is not a one time occurrence, but rather a new path that will continue to shape and influence Glock with their public relations.


    Below Jones, one of the three Glock Prostaff guys, is helping out the Sonny’s BBQ girls to shoot the Glock 42 and 43.




    DSC_0186 DSC_0157


    They also brought out the GLock 34 and 40 MOS to play with.


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