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Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

PT writes …

It would seem that even with premium self defense ammunition, mistakes happen and bad rounds slip through QC. It pays to check every single cartridge as you load it into the magazine. I always make a point of glancing at the primer, making sure the case isn’t crushed or folded at the mouth, and so forth. An upside-down bullet is something I hardly expected!

Happily, Federal took care of me quite quickly by sending out a refund and UPS call tag, and the defective round is headed back to them currently.

How if only a large international gun company made magazines in which you could load rounds in backwards …. 😉

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Jamie Clemons Jamie Clemons on Oct 20, 2015

    I wonder how it would perform?

  • Billca Billca on Oct 20, 2015

    Always check your ammo before using it. Modern machine manufacturing is very good and detects most flaws. The human final-stage checks can catch most of the obvious flaws but ones slips through now and then. I've had a couple pop up in the last 30 years. If you think a backwards bullet is an "oh no!" moment, I encountered a Winchester .41 Magnum round with two 175 grain bullets loaded into it That could have made for an unpleasantly exciting day. I've found a .270 round with an inverted primer. I've had high primers, missing primers and one .308 round that had a primer pocket with no flash hole.

    With manufacturers pushing production lines hard to meet demand we should be even more vigilant about inspecting our ammo before use.