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Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

While on my way back from Big 3 East, I detoured by Columbia, South Carolina. Not really much choice due to high way close outs from the storm and flooding. I was happy to make the detour. My friend and I were running a tad late. According to my GPS, we would arrive around 4:51pm and the FNH Pro Shop closes at 5pm on Saturdays. My friend called ahead and alerted the store of our arrival. They were happy to stay open for us.

As you can see from the picture above, the store is a small double wide office trailer. Similar to something you would see at a construction site. Behind it is the FNH USA Columbia factory. Wish I could have gone in there.

The FNH Pro Shop is a FNH fan’s candy store.

Every civilian product is available. From SCARs, PS90s, and Pistols to their new FN-15 and barrels.

The FNAR Competition rifle is rather striking in FNH blue.

The Pro Shop has some really great deals. They have a sale on their FNP-12 pump shotgun for only $399. I picked up a semi-rare FNS-9 pistol that I will be showing in a later article once it arrives at my FFL and I pick it up.

While not advertised, the FNH Pro Shop has what you can expect of most factory stores; blemish products. The Pro Shop gets blemish guns once in a while and the blemish marks are almost impossible to see. We looked at a blemish SCAR 16S and the upper receiver looked like it had some dirty oil by the retaining screws. But somehow that makes it a blemish and worthy of a steep discount. For questions on blemish availability and pricing, contact store manager Roger Schmidt. roger.schmidt@fnhusa.com

Below is a photo of store employee, Mo Yunis.

Since this is a store that sells to private citizens, they do not have any of the fun guns like the grenade launchers or the select fire weapons. The M249 semi auto is not there yet, however, Roger did say he will be getting the FNH Ballista. The Ballista is FNH USA’s long distance bolt gun that is chambered in multiple calibers; .338 Lapua, .300 Win, .308 Win.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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