Magnetic Shotshell holder from TACCOM

    TACCOM is in the works to produce a magnetic shotshell carrier for 3 gunners and shotgun competitors. They only have a prototype so far and are accepting preorders to the tune of $54. Although for a product to be released for shipping on the 19th, I’d expect at least a few pictures instead of an animation. It says it can hold either 8 or 12 shells, but I can’t tell if that means a different carrier for 12 because the one they have pictured only holds 8. In addition I can’t tell if by taking one shell out, it allows the bottom shell to stay attached or if it falls out.

    Using rare earth magnets and rubber cushions…..we push the column to the top and hold them in place with approximately 6 pounds of force. The benefit of this design is that the shells can not buckle of “V” when you go prone on them. Basically, the shells will SMOOTHLY come out when you want them to.

    We allow for a generous amount of room under the shells. This allows plenty of space to get a solid grip on the shells before they are removed from the holder. There is ample room for shooters with big hands.

    The QUALOAD MG is completely compatible with Teklok and ELS mounting systems.

    NORMALLY $69.95 MSRP

    • Holds 8¬†– 12 Gauge Shells
    • Stacks shells for control and ease of loading
    • Works with Teklok or ELS systems SOLD SEPARATELY
    • SHIPPING 10-19-15

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