Cowboy Action Speed!

by Miles

Deuce Stevens is an accomplished Single Action Shooting Society competitor and has a number of videos out online of him accomplishing what seem to be insane rates of fire for lever action rifles, single action revolvers, and break open shotguns. Some of his videos claim to have world records, but I’m not entirely sure where the verification for this comes from, and I don’t think he is up to par with Jerry Miculek. Regardless, this guy is pretty fast. My favorite clip is the last one of him transitioning with all three firearms. Now, my mind might be playing tricks on me towards the end, but it seems as if someone sped up the footage just a tad. Either way, these guys are performing at a level of Cowboy action shooting that I’m sure has taken a good amount of skill and practice.

Of course, there is also this guy…


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  • Will Will on Oct 16, 2015

    Even with "Slip Hammering" the tricked out revolvers and short throw lever kit in the rifle he's still pretty impressive.
    Bob Oglesby of Sprinfield Illinois is pretty impressive also.
    But all things considered... BOB MUNDEN STILL RULES!!!!

  • Adam D. Adam D. on Oct 16, 2015

    Wicked skills.
    When I see videos like these, I always think of the best guns of the West.
    They most likely had the same skills, since they were the "3Gun shooters" of the old America, with their own tricked out gear and their unique methods, habits.
    We tend to forget people were just as skilled, fast as smart 130 years, 500 or 1000 years ago as we are, they just had different tools.