Springfield Armory Unleashes Weekend 'Hit the Range' Accross the USA

Phil White
by Phil White

On the heels of the very successful Duel 3 promotion which left a lot of happy new guns and gear owners Springfield launches another program called “Hit the Range”. All across the country Springfield representatives will be attending the days shooting activities from October 9th–11th.

The first 50 shooters at these designated ranges will receive the prizes listed below in the press release. This program is meant to reward dedicated shooters. To see which ranges are participating visit —- Ranges for “Hit the Range”


GENESEO, IL (10/08/15) – Springfield Armory® is giving its customers another fall promotion with a chance to earn prize packages at select shooting ranges across the United States. “Hit the Range” runs Oct. 9-11, with the first 50 shooters at designated ranges receiving:
• “Hit the Range” t-shirt
• Five rounds of Magtech ammunition
• “Hit the Range” target
• Sticker or koozie

In addition, a Springfield Armory® representative will be on hand at each range to preview the company’s new XD® Mod.2™ 4″ Service Model 9mm pistol to participants.

“Hit the Range” is designed to reward dedicated target shooters for taking the time to support their local ranges and improve their shooting skills, according to Springfield Armory® Marketing Director Chad Dyer.

“Being a responsible gun owner is about ensuring you are well-practiced at operating a firearm, and range shooting is one of the best ways to accomplish that,” he said. “So why not spend some time at the range this weekend and get rewarded for your time?”

To learn more about the Hit the Range promotion and find participating ranges:

Phil White
Phil White

Retired police officer with 30 years of service. Firearms instructor and SRU team member. I still instruct with local agencies. My daily carry pistol is the tried and true 1911. I'm retired as associate editor since December 14th 2017. My replacement is my friend Pete M email: pete.m@staff.thefirearmblog.com you can reach Pete for product reviews etc.

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  • NJ2A Member NJ2A Member on Oct 13, 2015

    Not one participating range in ALL of New Jersey! The closest one to me is 3 hours away in PA. Is that a lack of support from the ranges (many of whom sell Springfield) or is that a Springfield corporate issue? Come on!! NJ is one of the worst of the nanny states. We need all the help we can get here!! What's a gun-owning guy gotta do to catch a break?

    • Mtymouse48 Mtymouse48 on Oct 13, 2015

      @NJ2A Member I was raised in NJ and left the state back in '74 in part because of the crime in the cities where my employer would have been located and their hopeless gun laws; only worse place back them was California and that is where I moved from into NJ. When I left NJ I came to Illinois, it is 3 to those two, but at least we finally became the 50th concealed carry state.

  • Mtymouse48 Mtymouse48 on Oct 13, 2015

    I went to our local range; the rep was very nice and the Mod 2 shot exactly like my two XD-S pistols. I put all five shots easily within the red bull. I own three other Springfields, 2 EMP's and Loaded 9mm. Their quality is now rt up at the top of the list of pistols.