Shotguns of the Shotgun World Shoot 2015 (VERY PHOTO HEAVY)

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Open Division

With about 700 competitors from 34 countries the Shotgun 2015 World Shoot in Italy is the largest IPSC Shotgun competition ever.

Having Beretta, Benelli and the Kalashnikov Group as sponsors of the main event, those brand names give away quite a lot which type of shotguns that were used by competitors.

In the Open Division the Saigas and Molots dominate, with a few exceptions like Akdal MKA 1919s and similar clones. For the Saigas and Molots, not one shotgun is tuned the same. Quite a few of the Russians ran the new Kalashnikov Saiga 12 model 340.

You always hear – don’t run in the Open division in Shotgun, the guns are so unreliable. Yes, they can be, but I see a lot of shooters in other divisions with all sorts of problems too. So I don’t agree, run and compete with what you like, and get your shotgun running. Bear in mind that even an expensive and tuned shotgun may require further work. No shotgun is going to be as reliable as an AR-15, mainly due to ammunition related issues. Some of the bucks I evaluated before the competition were squarer than round, but worked fine in a friends pump shotgun. Don’t compete with unknown ammunition.

Here are a few of the suppliers of race shotguns and parts.

RnR Targets (USA): The RnR Targets (USA) Saiga 12 is very popular, and looks very good when anodized in special colors. Blue is my favourite, and electric purple for the ladies. The conversion really makes the Saiga 12 look like it’s something from the future, and the RnRs could be found in the top especially in the senior category. They also make an UK Legal Open Saiga – how that may even be possible(!) – and one for California. The owner Robert Wright is actually on the American Open Team.

Maxrounds (CZ): Rebuilds and basepads from Maxrounds are very popular, and can be seen on a lot of shotguns and magazines.

I consider Maxround’s left hand charge modification to be the best on the market. While others failed on my Molot, theirs has been running very reliably on mine and friends’ guns.

The Maxrounds Muzzlebreak is also very effective, and can be seen on a lot of Open Shotguns. Some use an adjustable Poly-Choke inside, so by turning the break 360 degrees you can choke more or less depending on what you’re shooting. It was discussed recently:

Planet of Gun (Germany): Dirk Frey and his son are some of the best IPSC shotgun shooters in the world, and Dirk finished 3:rd this time. Waffen Frey sells modified Saigas and Molots, in all sorts of configurations depending on how deep your wallet is. Unfortunately their webpage is German only, but their “tuning list” gives you an idea about what’s available.

For the Eksen Arms Akdal MKA1919s and similar clones most people use upgrades from Firebird Precision (USA) and Tooth & Nail (USA) .

Craig Outzen in the US National Team ran one of the new Firebird Precision TAC-12 A1s.

For Europe, GP Rifle (Sweden) carry some of their stuff on stock.

A competitor that requires a special mentioning is Hunter Cayll (USA). He’s a no handed shooter, and still made it to the 49:th position in the World Shoot (77.7%). Respect! Hunter runs a JT Engineering Custom VEPR 12 with an Eotech XPS2.

A few words on the red dot placements: You see red dots in all possible places along the line of the barrel. Some put them very close to the exit of the barrel – even on the barrel – some as close as possible to their eye and some in the middle. To place an optic on the barrel is such a big no-no in rifle shooting, but apparently works for shotguns.

It’s difficult to say “that doesn’t work” as you see all kind of solutions in the Top 10. What doesn’t work for you might work for someone else.

With regards to magazines: IPSC rules apply, so in the Open division no detachable magazines over 12 in total capacity are allowed. Start in option 1 means a maximum of 10+1 rounds.

“Detachable magazines accessible to a competitor during a COF must not contain more than 10 rounds at the Start Signal. However, detachable magazines with an original maximum capacity of up to 12 rounds are permitted. Magazines must not be clipped, taped or otherwise attached to any other magazine at any time. Guns with fixed magazines may have an initial load of 14 rounds.”

I have no issues with this rule. Competitors can focus on the shooting instead of hassling with the longest magazine that doesn’t work.

There are a lot of clues and hints to be learned for someone looking to improve their shotgun for competition or just to get inspiration to spend money in these pictures. Enjoy!

To follow, the Standard, Standard Manual and Modified Division shotguns…

Story and photos: Erik B – IPSC competitive shooter in pistol, rifle and shotgun. Usually also armed with a camera and a sharp lens. Likes fast cars too, and has two FIA International standing start acceleration records. Ended up at 32:nd place in the World Shoot and 4:th in Team for the Swedish Open Team.

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And now for the photos. Enjoy 🙂 …..

Story and photos: Erik B – IPSC competition shooter in pistol, rifle and shotgun. Usually also armed with a camera and a sharp lens. Likes fast cars too, and has two FIA International standing start acceleration records. Ended up at 32:nd place in the World Shoot and 4:th in Team for the Swedish Open Team.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Adam Adam on Oct 13, 2015

    I wish Australia didnt SUCK BALLS...... I miss my Korean Daewoo...20 round drums and it ate up everything i fed it from UEE low brass BB too Win and Rem High brass 00.... Had fun mode too.....

  • JCitizen JCitizen on Oct 13, 2015

    WOW! Now that is some kind of different! I didn't even know this kinda thing was getting popular. People used to laugh at me for showing up hunting pheasants with my Saiga and 20rd drum! HA!