Can You Identify This Mystery Speed-Loading Shotgun?

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

This mystery shotgun with a custom speedloading mechanism was around Shotgun World Shoot in Italy. I never got to see the owner shoot or do any reloads, but I heard he is very fast in “Option 3” (empty start) and in reloading.

The gun is a modified Benelli M1 (Super 90), and in its shown configuration it would go into the Open division (IPSC) mainly due to the red dot sight but perhaps due to other reasons too.

There was a website link to “Gun Target Sport” in Thailand(?) on the shotgun, but the link is dead. However their Facebook page is live, but not updated since 2013.

The modification confused a lot of people, so if any reader on TFB can help explaining what’s going on you’re welcome to use the comments field below.

I’m assuming the trick is that the shooter can use the tube under the buttstock to fill the magazine tube with another 6 rounds, hence being able to carry more rounds ON the shotgun instead of on the body.

IPSC Rules for Open division states that shotguns with fixed magazines may have an initial load of 14 rounds. The question is if the extra magazine tube under the stock is considered to be a “loading device” and not a magazine to allow the shooter to have 14+6 = 20 rounds in the shotgun? In this case it would be a pretty good advantage in some stages and in shoot offs.

Here are a few videos of the shotgun:

An another solution for fast reloads: “An ejectable shotgun shell tube magazine”

Story and photos: Erik B – IPSC competition shooter in pistol, rifle and shotgun. Usually also armed with a camera and a sharp lens. Likes fast cars too, and has two FIA International standing start acceleration records. Ended up at 32:nd place in the World Shoot and 4:th in Team for the Swedish Open Team.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • David David on Oct 12, 2015

    Benelli M2 Thailand open class.

  • GunFun ZS GunFun ZS on Oct 13, 2015

    In for the flood of guys chained to the idea of tube loaders being mechanically simple, compared to box fed guns who are clambering for another way to carry more rounds. Face it, this stuff will look like the guns designed to avoid the Rollin White patent in a couple years. Box fed is more reliable, both mechanically and in human movements. Watching that guy run along with cumbersome ~1m long tubes flopping around on his belt is absurd when a box fed magazine exists.