Whats new at Guns.Ru: Russian SR-1 PM Pistol, China’s CF07 Pistol and more

    Each month I will be listing the new and updated entries on TFB’s favorite gun encyclopedia World.Guns.Ru.  This month Max Popenker added an entry on the very weird looking SR-1 PM from Russia (pictured above). Someone essentially took the early 90s-vintage Russian SR-1 ” Gyurza” pistol and polymerized (glockized?) it. Max writes …

    SR-1 PM (SR1PM) pistol is a recent development of the Russian Central Scientific Research Institute for Precision machine building (TSNIITOCHMAS), a leading Russian R&D, testing and manufacturing organization responsible for development and testing of small arms. The SR1PM pistol is a derivative of the earlier SR1M handgun, using similar polymer frame, trigger and magazines, but featuring different type of action (simple blowback instead of the locked breech, short recoil).

    Also new is an entry on China’s Chinaby Chang Feng Industries CF07. Quite a nifty looking polymer pistol in 9m. Not a lot is known about this gun, but we do know it only has a 7 round magazine.


    The full list of September updates are ….

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