Modified Inside Waistband Conceal Carry

    Here is a video I found on Facebook. It was posted in a Philippine Shooters Club group page.


    The gun looks to be in some sort of holster but I cannot find any information on it. The concept is unique and with his gut, he gains an extra level of retention LOL.

    Having the barrel point up and to the side does not seem like a good idea, nor does it seem like a good idea to carry a single action 1911 in this manner. Based on the two handed manipulation, it looks like the shooter is placing his support hand in a position to rack the slide. Which leads me to think, he is carrying chamber empty.

    We all know the compromise to carrying chamber empty but this manner of holstering the weapon makes it even worse. You need to use your support hand to twist the gun up and out. I don’t see this working too well with only one hand.

    Also, not a good idea to play with guns when there is ammo in the magazine.

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