Last Chance to Opt-out of Remington Class Action Settlement

    Last year Remington recalled Model 700 and Model Seven rifles with X-Mark Pro (“XMP”) triggers manufactured from May 1, 2006 to April 9, 2014. With the Model 700 being a very popular rifle worldwide, this may have been the largest firearms recall in history.

    Unsurprisingly, soon after this recall was announced class action lawyers sued the company. These lawyers have now settled with Remington. The settlement allows people actually affected by the potentially faulty trigger to have the trigger replaced and a $12.50 voucher for the Remington store. Remington already voluntarily recalled the triggers, so the real outcome is just a $12.50 voucher.

    Meanwhile the lawyers Richard Arsenault, Charles E. Schaffer and others will be paid to up $12.5 million. In my opinion, like most consumer class action lawsuits, it existed to enrich the lawyers involved.

    The last day to opt out of the Remington Class Action Lawsuit is tomorrow (5 October) at midnight. Some people are complaining that the terms are unfair. They believe if they chose to replace their trigger with a Timney trigger instead of a Remington trigger, they should be paid for that expensive high-end trigger. I think this is ludicrous logic. If my Ford was recalled, I would hardly expect that it should be replaced with a Ferrari.

    If you wish to opt out you can email [email protected] or call the Angeion Group (who are contracted to manage the settlement) at 1-800-876-5940.

    Personally, I think Remington recalling the trigger was enough and that it is sad our justice system encourages and accommodates frivolous class action lawsuits that serve solely to enrich a handful of lawyers.

    Thanks to John for information regarding this settlement.



    Steve Johnson

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