hickok45 Reviews the SIG MPX Suppressed

    The SIG MPX-SD has been making the media rounds not only because it’s a cool gun but because it’s internally suppressed. Thanks to companies like SIG and SilencerCo, the push to make suppressors more readily available is greater than ever. The technology is certainly advancing as well with guns like the SIG MPX-SD and SilencerCo’s Maxim 9 hitting the market. Suppressors present a wide range of possibilities for gun owners from better hunting experiences to preserved hearing to better odds for self-defense.


    In the spirit of the SIG MPX-SD’s understandable popularity, hickok45 did his own review. It’s an awesome gun, no doubt about it.

    Specs from SIG:

    Caliber 9mm NATO, Converts to .357SIG or .40S&W
      Action Type Select Fire (LE/GOVT ONLY)
      Operating System Closed, fully locked short stroke pushrod gas system
      Overall Length (Telescoping Stock) Min (Closed) 688 mm/28.1 in, Max (Open) 808 mm/31.8 in
      Overall Length (Folding Stock) Min (Closed) 653 mm/25.7 in, Max (Open) 838 mm/33.0 in
      Overall Width 52 mm/2.0 in
      Barrel Length 165 mm/6.5 in
      Sight Radius 371 mm/14.6 in
      Cyclic Rate 850 RPM
      Features Easily converts to 9 mm NATO, .357SIG, or .40S&W, User-configurable stock system: telescoping, folding, intergrally suppressed
      MSRP Not Available

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