Ruger Ammunition

    Ruger 380

    Ruger is entering the ammo business with a new line of handgun loads made under a licensing agreement with PolyCase ammunition. The initial calibers supported will be .380 ACP, 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP. It is not immediately clear if the rounds will be made by Ruger or by PolyCase for Ruger.

    The new rounds use the PolyCase ARX bullet design, and are high velocity/low mass loads:

    • .380 ACP:  56 grain bullet @ 1,400 fps
    • 9mm +P:  74 grain bullet @ 1,530 fps
    • .40 S&W:  107 grain bullet @ 1,310 fps
    • .45 ACP:  114 grain bullet @ 1,180 fps

    The ARX bullet is a non-expanding bullet that is designed to use rotational energy to increase the wounding effect. According to PolyCase, the 9mm load “…has been compared by some to be similar to that of a .223 75 gr BTHP.”

    Richard Johnson

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