POTD: Norwegian Resistance M1 Carbine with German ZF-41 (The Original Scout Scope)

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Dan sent us these photos be took at the Imperial War Museum in London. This M1 Carbine, which was used by Norwegian resistance during WWII, has a German ZF-41 scope attached to the handguard. The German ZF-41 scope was the original “scout-style” scope. It has a long eye relief allowing is to be mounted in front of a Mauser action. Jeff Cooper adopted this concept for his Scout Rifle. The ZF-41 with its a low magnification of 1.5x, would have made a good scope choice for a carbine such as the M1, the downside was that these scopes were quite heavy and built like tanks!

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Jas Jas on Oct 04, 2015

    Necessity makes for strange bedfellows. A para M1 with German scope. Like it. Any idea how that scope was attached to the gun? Don't tell me it was screwed onto the wooden forend.

  • Josh Josh on Oct 04, 2015

    if you think about it, this seems like a sign in the progression of putting glass/sights on semi-autos, rather than only for dedicated bolt actions or turret guns. Modernization as hampered only by available technology