Traditions Firearms Shipping New Break-Action Crackshot Rifles

    Traditions Firearms, known for their black powder muzzle-loaders, is shipping their new Crackshoot rifles. The new rifles are aimed to compete with H&R’s Handi-Rifles and are break-action single-shot rifles. The first of the series will be offered in rimfire calibers .22 LR and .17 HMR.

    The simple action features a 16.5″ barrel, making it legal in all jurisdictions. Its lightweight, at just over 4 lbs and includes dual safeties; hammer-block and a manual trigger-block.

    Pricing is set at $219 for the standard model and $264 for a 4×32 scoped model. It will be available in a variety of camouflage pattern including (unfortunately, IMHO), Muddy Girl. 

    Full Press Release Below:

    Traditions™ Firearms Shipping New Crackshot Rifles

    Old Saybrook, CT – Traditions™ Performance Firearms is shipping the NEW Crackshot rifles. These single shot rifles, available in .22 or 17HMR will be on store shelves this fall. With renewed inventory, please call your choice Distributor or contact Traditions directly to place an order.

    The Crackshot rifle has a 16.5″ barrel and weighs just over 4 pounds. It is lightweight and easy to carry. It is great for plinking and small game hunting! The easy take down feature makes for quick disassembly and easy transport. With a Dual Safety System, which includes a hammer block safety and manual trigger block safety, the Crackshot is one of the safest guns on the market. The youth version makes this rifle great for children and small framed shooters.

    The Crackshot comes with a one-piece base so you can mount your favorite optic. This rifle is available in a variety of camo patterns and finishes.

    Known for their accurate, innovative and dependable firearms, Traditions™ has been providing quality firearms for the past 30 years. Traditions™ offers blackpowder rifles and pistols, cartridge rifles and revolvers, blank pistols, build-it-yourself rifle and pistol kits, and cannons as well as a full line of accessories and optics. For more information on Traditions™ Performance Firearms, please visit their website at, Facebook or Twitter or call 860-388-4656.

    Nathan S

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