Thompson Machine Gun Auctioned for $35k

    Probably not all that interesting to some, but I found it noteworthy.  Not being a collector, I had no idea how much pre-stamp machine guns went for.  $35,000.  Plus a modest 5% buyers fee of $1,750…  Supply and demand in action.

    This one was marked U.S. NAVY, MODEL OF 1921 (overstamped 1928) and apparently had papers registering it to the City of Kinston, Police Department in 1935.  It looks like it is in pretty nice condition.  For a piece of history, it is pretty cool.  Is it something I would shoot?  Probably not if I spent the cost of a nice car on it…

    It came with:

    • (1) Type “L” 50 cartridge drum magazine,
    • (1) 30 cartridge straight magazine,
    • (2) 20 cartridge straight magazines,
    • (1) canvas carry case w/shoulder strap,
    • (1) brass cleaning rod.

    I have no frame of reference if that is a decent price for something of this pedigree and vintage, though not something I would likely spend my cash on.

    You can see the listing at:

    Thanks to Jacob P for the find.

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