TACT3 Accupoint Field Tripod for Stability and Fine Motion Control

Tom R
by Tom R

Ashbury Precision Ordnance (APO) Manufacturing is introducing a new model of their tactical tripod: the TACT3 Accupoint. It is a tripod that “allows fine independent vertical and horizontal movement control of tactical optics weighing up to ten pounds”. The tripod is a-magnetic and compatible with all electro-optical devices (so you can use it with a digital magnetic compass).

The Accupoints pan-tilt head provides ±65 degrees of vertical adjustment and affords 360 degrees of horizontal adjustment using large ergonomic 30mm control knobs. Fine tuning is controlled by two independent smaller knobs that provide approximately 6 degrees of movement in either direction per rotation. Optics are mounted to the Accupoint tripod head using a quick detachable base plate with a standard ¼-20 TPI bail ring screw.

They boast more than 20,000 TACT3 Tactical Tripods now in use by the US Department of Defense around the world. I don’t think we used any of their products when I was down range, but I do remember having some of our optics set up on a portable tripod during S&R missions (which definitely made things easier).

They have a number of accessories including;

  • an Electro-Optical Rail Grabber Mount,
  • Tactical Interface Mount, and
  • Spotting Scope Accessory Rail.

It looks pretty bulky and given the price of other tripods in this series, I imagine it will come in above the price point of most casual users (TACT3 GP model: ~$650; the TACT3 QEL is a mere $1091). Looks like I will have to stick with my budget $20 model from Amazon.

As of the time of writing I could not find a current listing on their website (I assume it will be on the following page): https://store.ashburyprecisionordnance.com/ShoppingCart.aspx?com=productlist&cid=297&srch=t

Does anyone here have experience with their products? Any opinions?

Tom R
Tom R

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