New Glock Magazines from Elite Tactical Systems

Richard Johnson
by Richard Johnson
Elite Tactical Systems

Elite Tactical Systems is close to launching a line of aftermarket magazines for Glock pistols. Initial offerings will be standard capacity mags for the G17, G18 (31 round), G19, G22 and G26. The company will also offer 10-round versions of the G17 and G19 magazines for those living in areas with arbitrary freedom limits.

One of the more interesting magazines is the all new Glock 17 magazine that holds 22 rounds. This magazine is 141mm long, potentially making it competition legal (depending on what division you are shooting in.) These magazines will extend slightly below the bottom of the pistol, though not nearly as much as the G18 mags do.

MSRP will run from $16.99 – $21.99 depending on the model. Standard capacity G17, G19, G22 and G26 are all at $16.99.

Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson

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