Swiss Civilian Range Day

    Here is a video about Swiss civilians and their firearm ownership. I find it interesting that the Swiss Goverment hands out practice ammo for these special range days for all armed citizens to practice with.

    There are some details of the range, in the video, interesting.

    Particularly the items around the shooter. In the screenshot below, you can see a slanted box, which looks to be a brass catcher. I am not sure what the giant tube is for. Perhaps to contain muzzle blast?

    Swiss range 2


    However I am not familiar with this electronic device. I think it somehow informs the shooter where his shot hit on the target. Anyone familiar with this device and know what the numbers mean?

    Swiss counter


    Edit: Thanks to Grant Bayley for enlightening me via email.

    The tunnel on the range has padding inside; it’s intended to keep the sound of the rifles firing to a minimum. An enormous suppressor of sorts.

    The slanted box is just for brass; the SIG 550 rifles they’re using normally have a range-supplied brass deflector temporarily slipped on while firing; if you move the box up close, you can get your rounds straight into the box. Not strictly necessary.

    The electronic box is for the electronic targets. Most of the ranges in Switzerland for rifles are 300m and have automatic target systems. The left hand indication is the number of rounds fired. The middle number is the score of the last shot 3,45 on Service targets and 5-10 on bullseye-like targets. On the bullseye and other targets, the score on the right is out of 100, simply showing the score as though it were out of 100 instead of the scoring zones 5-10 (obviously high scores towards the middle).

    Some matches use the regular scores; others use the ‘out of 100’ measure.

    The scoring system shown is made by a Swiss company called Sius. ┬áIt works with an acoustic sensor at the firing point and also sensors in the target frame to detect the score. Works great for normal rifles, but when I’ve turned up at the range with a suppressor even on a short-barrelled SIG 553, it has trouble detecting the shot (the fact that it’s fired).

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