SCCY Factory Tour

Richard Johnson
by Richard Johnson
SCCY Factory Tour

I recently had the opportunity to tour the SCCY factory in Daytona Beach and get a look at one of the company’s new pistols.

All of the company’s employees and management were very accommodating and allowed me unlimited access to their facility. Anything I asked was directly answered, and I was allowed to photograph nearly everything.

The following photos are from the tour.

raw steel

SCCY makes nearly every part in their pistols – springs being the sole exception. These lengths of stainless steel (above) will become slides for the company’s new CPX-3 pistol. The CPX-3 will be a new .380 ACP pistol that incorporates a new recoil system and other changes from its existing line of pistols. Read more about the new gun on my site here.

soon to be slides

Cut down, these pieces of steel will be machined into pistol slides.


The hex steel at the top of the photo is heat treated and ready for machining into slides for the CPX-1 and -2 pistols. The round steel below will be for the CPX-3.

CPX-2 slide

This image shows the stages of CPX-1 slide development from hex steel.

9mm barrels

9mm barrels ready for tolerance checking.

more barrels

SCCY employs more than 100 people in its factory. However, it uses custom built robots to handle repetitive tasks that are ill-suited for human workers.

laser welding

SCCY builds its own magazines. This photo shows magazines being laser welded.

SCCY magazines

Both guns and magazines go through extensive testing to ensure reliability.

tolerance checking

SCCY employs a variety of testing procedures, including precision laser tolerance measuring machines (not shown) to make sure it delivers reliable guns.

laser engraving

SCCY handles all of the laser engraving work in house.

gun assembly

Once all parts are measured and checked, finished guns are assembled in a secure part of the factory. SCCY frames, the serialized part, are securely stored and access to this area is limited. On the right side of the photo is a two position repair station for guns that are returned for service. No guns were in for repair when I was on tour.

SCCY frames
SCCY frames
SCCY frames
SCCY boxes

Once guns are assembled, they are boxed and readied for shipment to distributors.

Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson

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  • Jimmy Jimmy on Sep 28, 2015

    I've read a lot of these lately, and now finally decided to just get one and see what the fuss is about. It would make a good truck gun.

  • Jimaggie Jimaggie on Sep 29, 2015

    I recently purchased a CPX-2 (who needs a safety!) and I absolutely love it! I was carrying a Glock 43, but the SCCY has become my new carry. It's good to see arms manufacturers building in the South. I'm not a big fan of supporting companies in the liberal states (Conn, Mass, etc.).

    • MR MR on Sep 29, 2015

      @jimaggie For most items, I try to avoid supporting liberal states ( I switched deodorants because my old one was made in New York), but for firearms, I'll overlook it. I figure if firearms companies and their employees contribute enough to the tax base, legislators might be hesitant to kill the goose that laid the golden egg. Plus the employees might be less likely to vote for someone who wants to outlaw their livelihood.