POTD: A FrankenRifle

    Curtis writes …

    This is my FrankenRifle. A Gibbz Arms side charging upper receiver mated into a Range Tool lower with custom serial numbers. On the inside I have a Velocity trigger. With an Ambi safety and Bad lever for show and a little bit of function. An oversized Magazine Release Button laser etched with my Marine Corps EGA. On the back end has a flag with the word veteran on it. A Bearclaw stainless steel 16 inch barrel chambered in 223 Wylde. The muzzle break is Ares Effin’ A complimentary to the Ares Nickel Boron bolt carrier group. I added a SlideFire Solution Mod stock for the giggle factor.

    I built this rifle literally one detent at a time over the course of a year, when my wife found the document I was cataloging what and how much I put into the rifle she told me this was the only one I was allowed to build. After my wife gave me this devistating news I decided compliance was in order. To keep this the one rifle I would ever build I put on a Dolos Quick Barrel Change system on it.

    May she never find my 300 Blackout barrel.

    I know my rifle is well beyond reason, but the platform is completely adaptable to my needs. I also am not ashamed to embrace the stoopid. I intend to use this as designed as a fun gun. America. Semper Fi.

    I like it!