POTD: FM9 Belt Fed 9mm Upper

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Captain Barred emailed us a photo of his new belt bed 9mm upper receiver. He wrote …

First Production FM9 Belt Fed 9mm upper sold by Freedom Ordnance!!! The one from their gunbroker sale. Outfitted with a Grip Pod, an Aimpoint Comp M2, and a Caldwell brass catcher

Very nifty. Its belt fed fun at 9mm prices! I would not say no to putting a few hundred rounds through one of these!

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • JCitizen JCitizen on Sep 26, 2015

    Somehow I think this is going to end up just like the Shrike - all blow and no show, and reports of waiting lists to never be satisfied. You'd be better off buying an RPD. I especially have my doubts about the belts, it doesn't look like you would ever be able to convert M27 belts for fit, and they say right on the site they don't last long. There is no link loader - that can be a major pain in the behind! I have to admit, though, that 9mm is some of the cheapest shooting ammo right now. I hope this comes to market with no problems. I love belt feds! I've always wanted to make a 20 gauge belt fed as I think you could use 50 cal links to make them. However you would have a hard time lining them up straight. I love the quick change barrel, and that is a prerequisite for that kind of shooting.

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    • Johnny D Johnny D on Oct 02, 2015

      @Johnny D It does look like Shrike has a video of a 700 round burst posted in August right here https://www.youtube.com/wat... we can clearly see which company has the confidence to LITERALLY stand behind their product lol

  • Donald Darr Donald Darr on Oct 01, 2015

    Why climb a mountain? Because it's there!