Krebs Custom Assneck carbine

by Miles

Military Arms Channel has has a good article covering one of the prototypes of the Assneck carbine from Krebs Custom. I ran into it at Bullpup 2015, and talked with Marc Krebs about it and it was pretty interesting. He would not divulge the meaning behind the name though, just saying it was a nickname for a close friend that had meant alot to his family. Anyways, it’s an SBR in 7.62×39 and 5.56×45 (uses AR magazines) built on Saiga receivers with an AR type folding stock, picatinny rail in place of the standard rear sight, with an actual rear sight mounted to the receiver cover. Keymod handguard rail, with another picatinny rail on top of that, and comes with their standard muzzle device with a protective cone that screws on around it. They also have this slab sided piece of metal that facilitates magazine reloads and covers the right side of the mag well. All their models also include the AK safety bolt hold open slot as well. Apart from the actual build and it feeling like an AK tank in my hands, one of the more innovating features Krebs is bringing to the table is his SpeedLoad system (note, this is only for the 7.62×39 variants). Through that, not only is the magazine release extended and can be activated with the trigger finger, but Krebs has had the genius idea of placing a small lever just above the magazine release, that kicks out the magazine. Bear in mind that this system isn’t exclusive to the Assneck, as it has appeared on a very small amount of AK platforms but with very little success. In addition, I think if Krebs just sold the Speedload system as itself an aftermarket accessory, they’d have alot of people interested because it alone really improves the handling characteristics of the rifle and could be installed on multiple AK platforms. I kind of had to film it, in order to fully demonstrate it.

The small lever you see at the base of the actual magazine lever, is the heart of the Speedload system in that it actually kicks the magazine out of the firearm at the same time the magazine retention lever is actuated.
5.56 variant of the Assneck, taking AR magazines.

But with that, this is the product description from their page-

The Krebs ASSNECK, short barreled rifle, is for customers who want the reliability of a Krebs rifle and the added maneuverability of a shorter gun. Whether it’s for getting in and out of a vehicle, home defense, or just fun on the range, this gun has all the ergonomics you could want in a smaller package.

This variant also includes the SpeedLoad system. This system includes a mag well flange which helps guide the operator’s magazine into the magwell. Additionally, it includes a magazine ejection spring and extended magazine release. This provides the user with the ability for a one-handed magazine ejection, while simultaneously speeding up the insertion of a full magazine. The SpeedLoad system is for users who require the ultimate in smooth and quick operation of their rifle.

With the Krebs logo laser etched on the gun, you know the rifle was built with a focus on quality and with the end user in mind.

That's the muzzle device itself, with the protective covering screwed on and indexed to keep it safe while moving through bush, etc...

One of the things that certainly stands out about the Assneck, is the price point of $2629.95. Almost as much as a custom bolt action rifle or something from H&K or FN, it does seem extremely lofty until you consider all the work that is put into it-

  • Built on a Russian Saiga base rifle 7.62×39
  • Includes Krebs 4-prong flash suppressor with a 3/4 ‘ removable birdcage compensator, which minimizes muzzle climb and flash.
  • Muzzle device is torqued and pinned to Krebs specifications
  • Cold Hammer Forged Chrome-lined barrel shortened to just under 9”, precision crowned and threaded.
  • Krebs custom UFM Rail fore-end
  • Rear sight support scope rail made from 4140 steel hardened to 40 Rockwell, which allows for co-witness when using an electronic “dot” scope.
  • Trigger parts are machined and polished to Krebs Custom Specs
  • Action is tuned & bolt face polished for enhanced reliability and smoothness
  • Magazine ejection spring aids in clearing magazine from rifle
  • Custom MK6 Enhanced safety allows shooter to manipulate safety without removing their hand from the pistol grip, and provides a MANUAL bolt-hold-open
  • Krebs Custom Trigger Pin Retaining Plate insures greater pin stability
  • Trigger guard is polished and radiused to reduce stamped metal markings & insure shooter comfort
  • Magpul MOE pistol grip installed for improved ergonomic hold
  • Receiver cover is reinforced with a plate and wedge-lock recoil system to insure NO movement of the receiver cover and return to “zero” when re-installed
  • An AR inspired rear sight installed on receiver cover provides an increased sight radius and allows for a dual aperture sight picture
  • Iron Sights and scope rails are laser bore-sighted
  • ACE side-folding mechanism
  • Magpul CTR buttstock provides adjustable length-of-pull
  • Rifle industrially tumbled and “dehorned” for fast painless operation
  • Rifle refinished with flat-black, baked-on, synthetic alkyd KrebsCoat finish.
  • Barrel Length:  9.125″Overall Length:  30.75″

    Weight:  7 lbs.

Needless to say, this is an SBR, and thus requires all the required NFA paperwork. So if the price or the NFA part of everything sends you away, Krebs had some full length rifles too!

Marc Krebs with his creation

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  • John huscio John huscio on Sep 24, 2015

    So when does the scrotumchin carbine hit the market?

  • SD SD on Sep 28, 2015

    Why are people paying so much for "custom" AK's? Kalashnikov rifles are a compromise from day one in light of modern accessories and optics.