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    TFB Staff at SHOT Show 2015

    TFB Staff at SHOT Show 2015

    Dear Readers,

    TFB is in need of your support. Running TFB costs a significant amount of money, for tech support, wages , travel and equipment costs, and so we have to run advertisements on TFB.

    Because many of you would prefer not to see advertisements, I have introduced a way for you to both support TFB financially, at a very low cost, with the added bonus of being able to disable most of the ads (and also our social network integrations and some other site features).

    Not loading ads will have the side effect of speeding up access times to the site. In the future, I plan on adding some exclusive Team TFB only features.

    Please note, joining Team TFB will allow the vast majority of ads to be disabled. For now, the top banner ad and one of the side ads cannot be disabled due to contractual obligations. All the other ads can be removed.

    To join Team TFB, please select the membership level below. The only difference between membership levels, at this point in time, is the level of financial support you wish to give us. In the future we will be adding additional features for our +P+ members.

    The first 50 TEAM TFB+P+ members (only +P+ members) who sign up get an exclusive TFB trucker hat worth $15.

    tfb hat

    Nathan F. shooting a .375 Magnum Mauser wearing his TFB hat.

    Nathan F. shooting a .17 WSM rifle and wearing his TFB hat.

    Many thanks from Steve & The TFB Staff!

    Level Price  
    Team TFB $36.00 per Year. Customers in CA will be charged 7.5% tax. Select
    Team TFB +P+ $49.00 per Year. Customers in CA will be charged 7.5% tax. Select

    If you have any questions about Memberships, please email [email protected].

    Steve Johnson

    I founded TFB in 2007 and over 10 years worked tirelessly, with the help of my team, to build it up into the largest gun blog online. I retired as Editor in Chief in 2017. During my decade at TFB I was fortunate to work with the most amazing talented writers and genuinely good people!