Can Cannon B.A.T.F.E Determination Letter and the answer isn’t good!

    Okay everyone, rev up your discussion typing fingers…  X Products submitted to BATFE for determination and received a response.

    in the Can Cannons current configuration it is considered an SBR Short Barrel Rifle when placed on a rifle receiver, and an AOW Any Other Weapon when installed on a pistol.

    Open letter from X Products:

    Dear Customers,
    We recently received a complete evaluation from the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms on the legal status of the Can Cannon dated: August 26th, Received September 11, 2015. The evaluation of the Can Cannon as currently produced is in and of itself not a firearm and not controlled, however when placed on a riflereceiver is considered a (SBR) short barrel rifle, and when placed on a pistol (AOW) Any Other Weapon.
    We are submitting a revised design to address the issues in the B.A.T.F.E’s determination letter. We will updateour customers throughout this process.

    For questions or inquiries about this matter, please email [email protected]
    A copy of the determination letter will be available on our site shortly.

    The determination letter is here: Can_Cannon_Determination_Letter

    Who here has had the chance to play with one?  I have.  They are a ton of fun.  So, if I read this right, BATFE considers it an SBR or AOW once it is assembled and useful?  Thoughts?

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