Sandbag shooting rests

    Are nothing new. However, a company that actually specializes in sandbags of all varieties, colors, and even camouflage patterns is trying their hand at making a sort of sandbag, benchrest, foldable mat. It is is 40 inches long, 7 pounds, and about a foot in width. The rest is foldable like an accordion, and thus can be adjusted for different heights with the rifle and body type being used. They come in Tan, OD Green, Pink, Black, Orange, DCU (Desert), Woodland BDU, and Army ACU. From the website

    Unique roll-up design allows exact height adjustment to shooter’s preference. Tested and designed by competition riflemen, our Shooter Sandbags are the result of years of testing and development producing the most functional bench rest bag on the market today.

    Detachable rubber handle and light-weight cleaning media fill for easy handling and transport. Bag weighs 7 lbs.

    Rolled bag design for easy height adjustment.

    Bag unrolls completely to create a 40″ soft padded surface for setting, cleaning and maintaining firearm.

    Waterproof, dust proof, puncture-resistant 1000D Cordura fabric.

    Comfort grip detachable rubber handle does not scuff or mark hard surfaces.

    Now what’s the difference in making your own sandbags out of plastic bags and old socks? Or just using regular sandbags from Home Depot as well? I would say connivence, these ones pack away very nicely, and would seem to last a whole lot longer than a sock or a conventional sandbag. In addition I think these would be great in rural areas or outdoors where a solid position is needed for a competition or some accurate shooting. Or perhaps an actual competition where prone bench resting is allowed.

    An advantage this company would have over other commercial sandbag rest products is that this company does sandbags, they do them all the time, and as a full time business gig. I would imagine that they know a thing or two about how to construct a proper sandbag that’ll last (not that I really know anything about sandbags except from the service about making sure to turn them inside out before filling them so the seam is facing inboard) whereas other shooting companies that make sandbag rests, they might make them well, but probably not to the quality and research standards that this company knows, from making them full-time.


    The pink version unrolled. 


    Army ACU rolled up and used from its side. 


    Orange version with removable carry handle. I personally would have vouched for the hand to be permanently attached to the bag, because if something can be lost, then it will be lost. But, if that interferes with the position of the rifle, then I can’t say there’s anything wrong. 


    A lovely Ruger, laid on top of the DCU patterned bag. This could be extremely useful outdoors where I’d want to keep my rifle out of the dirt as much as possible, this bag providing the raised platform for that, while cleaned or doing whatever I’m doing. 


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