Review: Aridus Industries Quick Detach Carrier Side Saddle

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

My friend Adam Roth of Aridus Industries asked me to help him test his Quick Detach Carriers aka QDC as a competitive shooter.

It started with the Remington 870 QDC Adapter. These prototype carriers are made of machined delrin and an aluminum back plate. The plate sandwiches spring steel that keep retention on the shotgun shells.

Here is a video I helped film with Aridus Industries that explains the carrier assembly.

After playing around with the 870, Adam moved on to the Mossberg 500. I asked him if he could make an adapter for my Mossberg 930 JMPRO. That is when Adam came up with the universal QDC Adapter. The logistics of making receiver adapters for every shotgun available would be too time consuming. So me and some of his friends took measurements of some of the more popular shotguns like the Versamax, Beretta 1301, Benelli M2, Stoeger M3000, etc and he came up with a generic adapter that is attached by 3M double sided tape. Adam gave me one of the Universal Adapters to run on my Mossberg 930 JMPRO. We stuck it on at the range. I didn’t even bother cleaning it or wiping it off with alcohol let alone water. I figured that would be close to the worst case scenario when he sells these, some customer probably wont clean his shotgun either. So it if survives this, it can survive anything.

The 930 JMPRO passed with flying colors. The 3M tape has not even begun to come loose. As a competitive shooter, I ran the QDCs during the 2015 FNH USA 3Gun Championship Match at the beginning of September. They worked as well as I could expect. My load two technique is not as smooth and quick as others, so it was extremely helpful to have 6 extra rounds right on the side of the gun when I needed them on demand. When I ran out, it was easy to grab a fresh carrier and reload the side of my 930 JMPRO.

Here is a recent video by Aridus Industries. He tests the 3M tape and receiver adapter by trying to remove it from his Mossberg 590 with a framing hammer.

Aridus Industries is working on crowdfunding to get the QDC mass produced. The crowdfunding campaign is projected to go live sometime in the first two weeks of October. I will make a post as soon as it goes live.

Here is one of the projected rewards for one of the support levels. It is a bottle opener made from recycled materials. The hole is cut by waterjet and the part that was cut out is the carrier catch/release lever.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • Anomad101 Anomad101 on Sep 20, 2015

    I'll take the bottle opener.

  • Hyok Kim Hyok Kim on Sep 23, 2015

    As always, a great post. I am a recent convert to shotgun as primary SD/HD weapon. i really appreciate articles like this. I also appreciate that there was no hard rock/metal sound track.