Small Arms of Furious 7

by Miles

Ever since the movie came out in theaters, I’ve been waiting to buy it and take copious amounts of screen shots in order to make this post. Well, the movie was released on the 15th to the general public for paid download, you can go buy it yourself here at Google Play. Anyways, I’m the typical gun guy when it comes to action movies, always criticizing and calling everything out that is wrong with the small arms present. Although there was a lot completely off and unrealistic about the small arms in Furious 7, there actually was a lot of stuff right. In addition to a lot of detail that went into them and making the movie come alive, from a small arms perspective. If you want to get into some real detail, go check out the Internet Movie Firearms Database entry for Furious 7. There is also an excellent behind the scenes write up of the armorers from the movie, and some of the details from Range 365 blog. From their post-

“Even though we’re seven movies in, we do a lot of research and have a lot of contacts with different law-enforcement agencies,” said Fencl. “We want to make sure we use the proper gear.

We try to get items that will please the audience, will flow well, and that will function flawlessly with all the various stunt sequences. We also need the guns and other gear to make sense for the period, the geography, and the background of the characters,” said DeLouche. “And, with Paul Walker, it had to pass his quality control. Paul was an accomplished shooter and tactician. He handpicked every item for himself.” (Walker died in a car accident on November 30, 2013.)

Given that this film is the seventh in in the series, you expect to see at least some familiar faces. I asked if the same could be said for the guns.

“Yes,” said DeLouche. “Hobbs’ (Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock) Smith & Wesson Model 629 custom .44 Magnum is back and it has a one-of-a-kind holster. We built it ourselves using two different Safariland holsters. But Vin (Diesel) always gets a bigger, better shotgun.”

Anyone who is fan of the series will recognize Hobbs’ gun from previous films. But there are some new guns in the film as well. Walker’s character has seen some significant changes from his days as an FBI agent.

“Paul transitioned from Sig 226s and Glock 22s to a S&W 1911 E-series for his carry piece, fitted with Crimson Trace’s excellent laser grips,” said DeLouche. “Though he also uses a Sig (taken from a bad guy), he carries a backup Glock 23 in a chest rig, and a Glock 18 in a drop-leg. For the final battle we see him prep an LMT custom AR .308, and an H&K MP5K.

The biggest thing that jumped out at me from the movie, is the sheer amount of Magpul product placement that just took place throughout. To the point of one of the bad guy characters having a tactical vest, filled with Pmags, while using a G36, which are completely incompatible (the company does make G36 compatible Pmags, but those aren’t in the film). There were Magpul components on rifles and shotguns almost everywhere. If Magpul itself had a hand in this, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised at all. Ops Core also had alot of product placement in the movie whenever it came to gear. However the one thing I did find really neat was that all of Paul Walkers guns were personally chosen by him, and weren’t simply assigned to him as a prop.

Shepard over here doesn't mess around when trying to acquire his front sight post through his rear sight, thus the MBUS sights and the external hybrid carrying handle rear sight.
G63KV with an AR behind it. THe bottom handguns appear to be Sig Sauer 226s.
240 machine gun with the spade grips installed.
And an excellent view of all the dummy rounds feeding into it.
This is probably the only weapon I couldn't identify throughout the whole movie. Any help from the readership?
What at first appear to be M134 Mini Guns with some sort of cover over them, are in fact 1919 light machine guns mocked up to appear to be something completely different.
The magazine issue I mentioned earlier. The guy has a G36C (different from what he picked up and was holding earlier, a G36KV), that takes its own proprietary magazines, but instead has Magpul AR magazines in his vest. Now, Magpul does make magazines specifically for the G36, but they have bullet windows, and these don't.
Paul Walker's Smith & Wesson E-Series is on his hip as he boards the bad guy bus. However, he never seems to pull it out, opting instead for a 226 somewhere along the line of the battle.
This is what I'm talking about with the 1919s, you can see the perforated barrel jacket, through the mock up nonsense they have on it.
Stock Glock 17
Jason Statham's character with an Accuracy International AW-F rifle.
Bad guys with MP5A3, what appears to be a Navy trigger group, and a rail forend.
More bad guys with short barreled AR carbines. This one without Magpul components.
Some good diversity here with both fixed stock and collapsing stock MP5A3s and Glocks for secondaries.
Jason's character with an LMT M230 fitted to a SIG 512-2 carbine.
A close up of the sights on it, EOtech, Aimpoint, and of course Magpul. Which correct me if I'm wrong, but I can't see any rounds through the magazine window.
The UTAS UTS-15 in use by Kurt Russell's character before the abysmal raid into the warehouse.
Some intense AR accessory action going on there. All this protective gear, and nothing for the eyes...
Magpul everywhere!
Walker assaults the house with an LWRC PSD rifle.
Kurt Russell with Sig Sauer 230 handguns and night vision sunglasses.
Statham loads up a Serbu Super Shorty.
Paul has a bi tone Glock mounted in a Black Hawk holster. Again, this is most likely his own choice and not the directors, and I have no clue as to the FBI patch.
From IMFDB- "The Rock" has a Smith & Wesson Performance Center Competitor 629 in .44 Magnum.
From IMFDB- Because no action movie is complete without an impossible scene of an M134 Minigun being used!
From IMFDB-Paul with an LMT LM8MWS in .308, with what appears to be an ERGO grip, and some absolutely insane eye relief.
From IMFDB- Regardless of the LMT, he ditches it for an MP5K.
Nemesis bad guy with H&K UMP45 and light/laser attachment.
Shepard has been replaced by Swift. This time the firearms are almost entirely nonlethal, as evident by the Tasers on the pump and yellow furniture. Again we see some slick product placement by Ops Core with the helmet rails, diamond mount, and chin strap.

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