POTD: SCAR-H In Service

    This photo was posted in the FNForum.net SCAR17S section which came from Team FNH USA Facebook page.


    We received the below feedback from one of America’s finest serving overseas right now. The below account is unedited and we share it with you because we’re so proud of our FNH USA products and the work America’s service members do with them!

    “The following scar 17 was used in a very intense battle that lasted a lot longer than the typical TIC or troops in contact situation that are usually short in duration.
    Multiple enemy combatants as well as US and coalition forces were both KIA or wounded in action. Close air support was heavily involved as well.
    The rifle was put through one of the worst scenarios in this country probably ever. These pictures are not staged or photoshopped in any way. This picture was taken immediately upon the team returning to base.
    The rifle did not malfunction once! Not one failure of any type.
    I feel that this event as small as it is in the big picture needed to be documented and reported to you guys to forward to higher ups if necessary so that you as friends of mine and they were aware of how reliable and incredible this rifle is. I do not have an exact round count but it was at least eight fully loaded magazines. Half of those were used after the rifle decided to see how small of a ball it could actually curl into while taking cover in a muddy shit hole.”