3,800 Yard Long Range Shot

    Matt of Hill Country Rifles sent me this video since I posted about their rifle hitting a 3,600 yard target. Here is there latest achievement, hitting a target at 3,800 yards away.

    HCR distance


    The rifle is impressive. It is a HCR Extreme Long Range Carry Weight .375 Cheytac. It has a custom 200MOA base.

    HCR 200 MOA mount


    That means that the POI is 13ft high at 100 yards. Why would you do that? So that the shooter can hold dead center on target at 3,800 yards.

    HCR 100 zero


    That is another World Record for Jim Spinella. Very impressive shooting with a phenomenal team supporting him.

    HCR shooter



    For more details on the shoot, go to Hill Country Rifles website.

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