SIG MCX shipping in 5.56

by Miles

The much acclaimed and anticipated Sig Sauer MCX rifle has been shipping in 5.56x45mm for the past couple of weeks for the civilian market. MSRP is $1,999 for the standard 16 inch barrel variant. In addition, SIG just opened up an MCX giveaway for a 16 inch barrel on their website for anyone that wants to run their luck for one. In addition the company just released the first episode of a video series about the MCX, in the spirit of promotion. It’s actually a professionally well done video, so be sure to give it a look. Lots of gratuitous MCX shooting, and a look inside their factory, talking with some of the design staff about the rifle. However, the .300 Black Out (MSRP $2,284) and 7.62x39mm (MSRP not released yet) rifle versions have not been made available to the general public as of yet. Also note that this release has to do entirely with the rifle MCX, and not the SBR or pistol versions of it, which is an entirely separate matter.

Phil shooting the SIG MCX carbine at SHOT 2015. This is a great carbine and very accurate. SIG 16 optic.

src=”” alt=”gg” width=”1027″ height=”561″ /> A look at some of the stock designs from the video, showing the diversity of options available for the MCX stock. The standard one appears to be on the lower right, and there hasn’t been a mention of how a customer will get to choose all these stock options.

They must have been waiting for a while to release this episode, because I see snow on the ground at the end of it.

From the SIG MCX website, just looking at some the options of components is pretty neat.

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