.22 conversions Galore!

by Miles

Now, what you think you saw in the title picture was an MG42 and a British Bren light machine gun. However, what you are actually lovingly gazing at, are .22 LR rifles inserted into the parts kit of those guns, and indeed, are fully functional with their .22 LR magazines and actions (no belts here). The creator of these freakish things of beauty has another thirty or so conversions just like it, and just as similar to their true life counterparts. I stumbled across this gentleman on a Facebook group where he posted some pictures of his work. The guy lives in California, and as a way to buck against the absurd firearms laws, as a hobby, and as a present to his son (he started building them when his son was born), took it upon himself to buy either actual demilled parts kits, or the airsoft shooters modeled after iconic firearms, get either Marlin or 10/22 .22 LR rifles, completely gut out the internals, place the .22 LR receivers/barrels within the actions, and have them in working order. He has done this to an MG34, MG42, Bren, Tavor, H&K UMP, M240, M249, BAR, M14 EBR, and the list just goes on. From his own words-

I didn’t wait for manufacturers to do these so I found those airsoft conversions on customrifles.info. I did those and then took them to a new level with new builds before I was using a dermal and angle grinder to cut the metal each build would take 6-12 hours through trial and error there wasn’t a real guide on how to do them. After doing 2-3 conversions, it got easier for me to do these. I’ve done over 35 different builds in the past 6 years. Not all are airsoft bodies I use real parts kits and some aftermarket dress up kits like the archangel G36 and M1A to drop in a 10/22. I just epoxy glue the 10/22 mags to an airsoft mag. I use faux mags or they’re just hollowed mags just to complete the look. Inside it is usually ugly and covered up alot of epoxy putty, brackets, JB weld, etc when you see internals, its not as pretty because of the dermal cuts.

He has a Youtube channel in addition to a Redditt thread that feature all his work very well. I seriously think GSG or Archangel should take a look at his work!

The jealousy is strong with this one.
Real Trijicon, fake SAW, and an M60, all in .22 LR
His son at work with the .22 LR Barrett. This one is from an airsoft body.
The SA80 and Tavor in .22! I believe the AK and AR are both legitimate versions.
Notice the barrel of the Marlin poking out from underneath the faux barrel of the SA80.
Faux Chey Tac, real .22 LR rifle within. Look closely at the two actions and you'll notice the actual .22 LR receiver and action embedded in them.
Separate from the .22 LR creations, the guy has messed with this magazine fed contraption for a Mossberg shotgun.
The guy has a cart just for all his range rifles!

Much thanks to “Rey” for providing the pictures, info, videos, and permission to use all the above. Your creations are fascinating!


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  • Ismael Ismael on Sep 16, 2015

    Yes please, I'll take one each. Except the 50 bmg, have one. Someone get him hooked up on kick-starter. Better yet some entrapanuare create a company like Archangel.

  • Donald Darr Donald Darr on Sep 18, 2015

    Great idea and he should market it.