POTD: HK243 S TAR in .223 Rem

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Dickson from North Sylva Co., a Canadian gun importer, sent us photos of their new HK243 S TAR in .223 Rem … which I guess means our lucky cousins to the North are now able to buy the HK243! (UPDATE: The HK243 is yet to be available for sale to civilians as it has yet to be classified by the Canadian government, this was a dealer sample).

The HK243 is a modern sporting version of the H&K G36. The main differences between the HK243 and the G36 is that these consumer rifles are, obviously, semi-automatic but have nicer furniture than the older dated military variants. The S TAR version (pictured here) has a folding/adjustable stock and a nice looking quad rail while the cheaper S SAR has a polymer forend without rails and a folding, but not adjustable, stock.

The HK243

Thanks Dickson.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • David Lowrey David Lowrey on Sep 15, 2015

    Knowing H&Ks prices. This is one of the few times that the trigicon optic might be cheaper then the rifle it's attached too.

  • Steve_7 Steve_7 on Sep 15, 2015

    Why bother with classification, it's clearly non-restricted. Verification of non-restricted firearms isn't required anymore since the long gun registry was repealed. Anyway given that we're only allowed 5-round magazines, I doubt overheating is going to be a problem. Unless you use a mag. adapter and try and use a 5-round .50 Beowulf magazine. Even then though you're looking at 18 rounds semi-auto.