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Airgun use is on the rise in the hunting world, and now there’s a new offering from Air Venturi. The company is known for producing airguns, but this particular airgun is something more unique, because it’s not a new rifle, it’s a pneumatic .50 cal shotgun. It’s called the Wing Shot, and it was designed with hunting in mind.

The Wing Shot can be used with either .50 cal shotshells or slugs, with shotshells being specially designed shells filled with No. 8 or No. 6 shot. Empty shells can also be ordered so you can fill them yourself. Each gun has an engraved hardwood stock and early reviews report these air shotguns as balanced and instinctually pointable. Air Venturi itself says the idea behind the airgun was to create an affordable model that can be used for game both on the run or wing, and they seem to have succeeded.

Paul Milkovich, Air Venturi’s Director of Business Development, made the following statement regarding the shotgun’s development and production: “The concept for the Wing Shot smoothbore air shotgun was to provide unprecedented flexibility and convenience at an entry-level price. We’ve accomplished that and more with the first-ever mass-produced .50 caliber air shotgun. With 5 consistent shots per fill, the Wing Shot offers hunters the ultimate in airgun shooting enjoyment with their choice of using it as a shotgun or rifle. Reliable power and ease of use are hunter’s friends in the field.”

This looks like an excellent option for taking down some hogs or whitetail this fall. Whether you’re new to hunting with airguns or you’ve done it before, the idea of a well-done smoothbore air shotgun is certainly appealing.

The gun is now available for pre-order and carries an MSRP of $799 although some sites have it listed at $749. Visit Air Venturi’s site at

Specs from Air Venturi:

Caliber 0.50

Velocity Shotgun 1130 fps / Bullet 760 fps

Power Shotgun 360 fpe / Bullet 235+ fpe

Action Bolt

Barrel Style Smooth Bore

Fire Mode Single Shot

Gun Weight 7.25 pounds

Ammunition Shotgun .50-cal. shotshells / Rifle .50-cal. bullets

Overall Length 43 inches

Barrel Length 22.5 inches

Powerplant Precharged Pneumatic, 3000 psi

Fixed/Adj. Power 2 Settings

Max Shots Per Fill 5

Stock Hardwood, Ambidextrous

Buttpad Rubber

Safety Manual

Front Sight Bead

Trigger Two-Stage Adjustable

Warranty One Year

MSRP $799.99

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  • Jamie Clemons Jamie Clemons on Sep 15, 2015

    sweet now if I can only find 800 bucks laying around.

  • Jack Bergfeld Jack Bergfeld on Sep 15, 2015

    Years ago, my high school rifle and shotgun club received several Crossman 1100 CO2 shotguns. It was a pain to load the tiny shells with #8 shot and they were only good for about 20 yards. Great concept but not practical when regular shotguns and shells were cheap.