Open Source Body Armor Project

    The Chopping Block has been experimenting with home made body armor.

    Here is his first attempt.

    Test of field expedient “body armor.” Three PEI grade V porcelain floor tiles with a coat of Herculiner on the front and between tiles and a thick coat (about a quarter inch) on the back to capture fragments.


    Now he tried a different recipe of ingredients to make cheaper body armor.


    The Chopping Block makes reference to Royal Nonesuch making his own home made armor. His armor is made of phone books and ceramic tiles. He shoots a .38 spl, buckshot and 7.62×39 at the armor. One issue is that he replenishes his armor after every shot. Whereas The Chopping Block shot multiple rounds at his armor.


    Here is another home made armor test using denim, liquid nails and ceramic tiles.


    Hopefully these guys and other enthusiasts can come up with a recipe that is low cost and highly effective.

    Nicholas C

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