Handgun Sling

    Here is a different method of carrying your handgun for self defense. It is a simple design. The handgun sling is a loop of cord, that looks to be elastic. The ends are joined by an 8mm tube and looped onto the cord is a coin tab. You loop the Handgun Sling around your belt, insert the tube into the muzzle of your handgun and tuck the pistol into your pants. Then you use the coin tab to lift the cord up and over the rear of the slide. Thereby securing the pistol.

    Handgun sling 2

    This style of sling just looks complicated and it takes too long to get the gun out compared to other weapon retention systems. My biggest concern is that there is nothing to cover and protect the trigger guard and the trigger. Also, you are shoving a foreign object inside the muzzle of the pistol.

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