A handgun class, in 60 seconds

by Miles

Andrew Tuohy has come out with a Youtube video t that is rudimentarily simple, but excellent in execution. He challenges himself to explain the fundamentals of handgun marksmanship within a minute time frame and does so while demonstrating with his 9x19mm Glock 19 on camera. Could any competent and well versed instructor accomplish this? Probably, but it makes for a great short video that is entertaining. In addition his choice of words is excellent as he covers concepts such as proper grip placement, sight alignment, and trigger control. Although he doesn’t cover sight picture at all. I personally would be hesitant to show this to my own students, for the simple fact that he doesn’t cover a number of other topics that I would want them to understand, such as foot placement, sight picture, trigger reset, follow through, eye dominance, etc… However I wouldn’t mind showing them after a shooting class as a sort of, look how another person explains the basic fundamentals. A number of viewers were happy to see Andrew back in the Youtube game as well.

Then in classic Andrew sarcasm, he leaves this in the video description-

This video is not a substitute for proper instruction from a qualified instructor…It’s probably better.


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